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Welcome Berkley (Michigan) High School Class of '86 Alumni!

This website was started for our 20th reunion in 2006 and contains updates through our 30th reunion (2016).


Our 30th Reunion- November 26, 2016, Berkley, Michigan


This site contains a great photo album spanning from from nursery school to after our 20th reunion and also classmate information as of November '16. 


Unlike 2006 when this site first went up, most people are on Facebook these days. Many '86 alumni are now using the BHS '86 Facebook group as their main way to exchange photos and keep in touch with each other.  Even so, we plan on keeping this site up forever and updating it for major events.


To jump over to the BHS '86 Facebook group, click on the Facebook button below:



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Home           Classmate Info & Contact List         Photo Album Index